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Welcome to the ultimate relaxation and pampering day. Let our licensed massage therapists work out all your aches and pains as you relax into a calmer, and more serene world. Stay after treatments & take advantage of our steam shower as you prepare your transition back into reality.
Swedish Massage
A full body massage using light rhythmic pressure to help smooth and relax tired muscles, and calm a racing mind.
Deep Tissue Therapeutic Massage
A full body massage designed to target specific problem areas and acute muscular pain.
Hot Stone Massage
Feel your tensions melt away with this unique massage experience. Special heated stones glide across the body melting away muscle tension, relaxing body and mind.
Spa Reflexology Massage
This heavy technique relieves stress, promotes relaxation, increases blood circulation and helps to balance the body through stimulation of pressure points on the feet.
Prenatal Massage
Perfect massage for the mother to be. Light relaxing technique to relieve lower back pain and swollen legs, making mother and baby happy.
6 complete 1 Hour Full Body Massages for the price of 5
· Swedish $350 ($70 savings) · Deep Tissue $400 ($80 savings)
· Compliment any massage with aromatherapy $10
· Chair massage $1 per minute
Angelica's DELUXE Body Mask Treatment
It’s a true thalassotherapy treatment combining the trace minerals from seawater and essentials oils such as lavender, ylang ylang, sandalwood, basil and sage. This aromatic body mask is a real stress reliever, bringing balance to your body and a sense of wellbeing to your spirit.
Body Mask Contour Gel Treatment
A beautiful aromatic seaweed gel rich in Lipolytine, an ingredient known for its impressive contouring properties, this body mask is an excellent choice for anyone desiring a slimming action. In addition, the hydrating gel base smoothes and tones the skin. Recommended for those who are sensitive to traditional seaweed body treatments.
Angelica'S Signature Body Treatment
Throughout Europe seaweed has long been known for its rebalancing affects on the body. Our detoxifying seaweed body mask is rich in fucus and ascophyllum, two algae known to promote perspiration and stimulate the body’s metabolism. This treatment is recommended to maintain optimum health and restore balance in the system. In addition, it is excellent as a precursor to other body treatments done in a series to maximize results.
Marine Reduction Body Mask
This seaweed treatment is rich in Laminaria, a very special algae known for its intensive contouring benefits and detoxifying action. Combined with coffee extract, contouring essential oils, plant extracts and Lipolytine (even more contouring), you will feel thin and your body invigorated.
Firming and Toning Body Treatment
Rich in Ulva Lactuca and Chlorella seaweed with extracts of mint and witch hazel, this body mask improves circulation while promoting a firm, tone and youthful appearance to the skin. A total revitalizing treatment for the body, it’s not hard to figure out why this body treatment is a spa favorite. Ideal for new moms, recent weight loss, athletes and anyone who wants beautifully healthy skin.
Smoothing Thigh Gel Treatment
actually one of the few that can actually lessen the “quilting” effect of cellulite. Combining the benefits of two localized body masks - first our self-heating mud to detoxify the skin and wake up the cells, and then a cool gel to improve circulation and smooth the skin. Best results are obtained in a series.
Smoothing Leg Gel Treatment
Say good-bye to varicose vein pain and tired, aching legs and feet. This refreshing leg gel treatment is the perfect antidote to improve the appearance and feeling of swollen and congested legs. This mask strengthens and tones congested areas and restores comfort to your stride. Recommended in a series.
French Body Polish
This invigorating exfoliation treatment gently polishes away dry, dull skin to allow new, healthy skin to emerge. Afterward, a hydrating body lotion rich in skin nutrients is massaged into the exfoliated areas leaving your skin feeling soft, supple and tingling with renewed life. A perfect addition to any body treatment.
Warm Sports Therapy (Recommended with Massage)
This relaxing bubbling seaweed mud is recommended for those areas where you feel tight, sore, stiff or strained. Applied locally, this very unique treatment immediately soothes the affected area and relieves tension. A perfect compliment to a massage or facial treatment.
  $20 with Massage
Warm Seafoam Body Mask
This relaxing body treatment is perfect for those tight, sore muscles, sports strains, or a sore, stiff back. While enveloped in this frothy, effervescent seaweed mud you can feel a release as it gradually heats up and bubbles away every bit of tension and stress from your body. The finale is an application of a hydrating body lotion.
Salt Glow
Sea salt loofah scrub cleanses the skin and removes rough spots, cellular debris, and impurities from the skin. Leaves skin feeling firm and silky smooth.
Self Tanning Sunless Tan
This treatment is an excellant way to begin the tanning season & a great start for a home self tanning program. To help ensure an even tan, the body is first exfoliated to remove dead skin cells. Then a hydrating body gel pack is applied to the skin while you rest in a warm blanket. The final touch is the application of the self tanning lotion.
A, C, E Body Treatment
A relaxing full body envelopment incorporating the regenerating anti-oxidant vitamins A, C, and E. For all skin types, especially sensitive and dry.
Angelica Spa Packages
Angelica Grand

Steam, Massage, Facial, Lunch, Manicure, Pedicure, Shampoo & Conditioning Treatment, Haircut & Style.
Angelica Spree
Steam, Massage, Facial, Seaweed Body Treatment.
Angelica Pamper Plan
Steam, Massage, Facial, Body Polish with Hydrating Milk, Shampoo & Style, Make-Up Application.
Angelica Classic
Steam, 1 Hour Swedish Massage, European Facial.

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