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Skin Care

Skin Care and Facial Services

Rest assured that you will receive the best skin care treatments by our licensed staff whether it is just one treatment, or a day at the spa.
Revitalight Therapy
For the treatment of fine lines, enlarged pores, broken capillaries, pigmentation and reducing acne while creating firmer and thicker skin. Results are accumulative and a series is recommended for optimal improvement
  Single treatment $65
is an effective treatment for creating fresh, healthy and vibrant skin. A series of treatments can improve uneven skin texture as well as dull, lifeless skin with immediate improvements combating signs of aging.
  1 treatment $105

4 treatment $300

6 treatment $450 

Ultimate Facial
The Ultimate in relaxation. This rejuvenating and luxurious experience is custom designed for your specific skin health needs. PerfectSense Hands and Feet treatment included
Classic Deep Cleaning Facial
To maintain a healthy complexion. This treatment includes deep cleansing with steam, extractions, relaxing facial massage, and facial mask. Recommended for all skin types..
  $75 and up
Radiance Facial
Perfect for lackluster skin. Our Vitamin C treatment helps revitalize a tired and dull complexion. Eye treatment included..
Anti-aging Facial
Our best facial for all skin types. Provides a youthful look and restores vitality to dehydrated skin from the firming and toning effects of our marine mask and alpha hydroxy treatment.


Purifying Facial
For more problematic skin. This deep pore cleansing facial will reduce congestion as well as refine and balance, leaving your skin radiant and preventing future breakouts.


Back Facial
An effective treatment for cleansing, exfoliating & moisturizing the back..


Gentleman's Facial
A customized treatment just for men effectively removes skin impurities while toning and refreshing the skin.


Compliment any of our facials
Marine Mask
Our best mask for increasing moisture, firming, toning & refining lines.
Glycolic Peel
An intensive exfoliation treatment to soften & smooth the skins texture.
Eye Contour Treatment
A professional answer to successful eye care. Eliminates puffiness, refreshing, relieves congestion, minimizes fine lines and decreases dark circles. Recommended for all skin types.
PerfectSense Infusions - Paraffin Indulgence
Relax in warm therapeutic paraffin infused with eleven vitamins, including A, C, E, D, B-5, B-12 and the mineral selenium - nutrients vital to your healthy skin. PerfectSense delivers heat and hydration for soft smooth skin and protection from dry, rough, achy or irritated hands and feet. Ideal for renewal and maintenance, the system ensures your safety with individually sealed treatments.
  Add Hands or feet treatment to any service $15 Add Hands & Feet treatment to any service $25
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